Join Woodarq’s Trade Partnership

Taking The First Step Is Easy, Here's How:

Option 1

Start Instantly Online

Hit the [Trade Account] button to get started. A simple application will guide you through the following information:

  • Your full name and business name
  • Validating your business (through Business registration, EIN, or similar)
  • If you're tax-exempt, your resale certification or exemption document is needed

Option 2

Talk to Us Directly

Dial (713)-570-6137 to find a friendly voice on the other end, ready to immediately assist you through your registration.

Why Trade With Woodarq?

We're not just about premium wood products – we're about creating spaces where the distinct craftsmanship of trade professionals like you comes to life. We're not just suppliers but your design partners in bringing superior quality to every project.

  • Get Your Hands on Our Sample Packs

    Decision-making becomes an immersive experience with our sample packs. Allow yourself and your clients the luxury to explore and select from our rich, high-quality wood designs, shaping informed and visually resonant choices.

  • Seamless Purchases with Your Online Trade Account

    Step into a streamlined purchasing experience with your online trade account. Enjoy the exclusivity of trade discounts, prioritized order processing, and immediate customer service while managing your orders and staying informed about our latest products through a dedicated dashboard.

  • Generous Bulk Order Discounts:

    We get it; substantial projects require substantial materials. We're happy to offer generous bulk order discounts, ensuring exceptional value for every purchase. Contact our team to customize a quote that reflects your project requirements.

  • Consult with the Experts

    Lean on the expertise of our knowledgeable team. We'll guide you through our product lineup while offering a lens into emerging design trends to perfectly align with your client's needs.

  • Swift and Secure Shipping

    We respect the urgency that professionals in the trade industry often need. Our commitment is to provide speedy, reliable shipping options, ensuring your orders arrive promptly and in excellent condition.